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VLM Referral Programme



Employee referral program for attracting employees for VLM Group for all BU’s / Brands.
All VLM Group employees are entitled to participate – cost to be borne by employing

  1. Employees will complete a Form with the name and contact details of candidates and send it to the HR Department at m.demetriou@voici-la-mode.com
  2. The HR Department will process the referral within 5 working days and respond to the employee who has made the referral whether an interview will be conducted or not.
  3. If an interview is conducted, the HR Department should inform the employee whether this will result in recruitment.
  4. There are 2 different ERPs. The STF250 and the MGR400 which are explained in detail below:

STF250: 250 cash or 350 Vouchers

Upon interview€50€50
Month 1€100€150
Month 6€100€150

MGR400: 400 cash or 500 Vouchers

Upon interview€50€50
Month 1€100€150
Month 6€250€300

5. The HR Department will need to maintain records and follow up so that no information is lost i.e. no rewards given when should be or rewards given when they shouldn’t.


  1. VLM will have no obligation to recruit any proposed candidate.
  2. The company’s policy of two close relatives not working together should be maintained.
  3. If a referral is made for a position for which there is no vacancy, the reward scheme will be applicable if a subsequent recruitment is made, provided that the ERP is still in force.
  4. Employees will only be entitled to the rewards if they are still in employment at the time these are due.
  5. Seasonal staff and special hires ( i.e asylum seekers, recognized refugees etc.) are excluded from the scheme.
  6. HR employees, senior and operations managers are excluded from the program.