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VLM Through its people

At Voici La Mode Group, we trust, care and respect our people because we believe that evolution is achieved through them. Our years of development and success has taught us that offering a solid and fertile ground to all our people, can foster professional development and career excellence.

Our people are the ones who define us. Their personal and professional development are key elements to our success. With continuous support, communication and dedication we successfully grow and develop the VLM family.

Meet Chara Kkoli

Chara balances her academic studies with her exceptional work performance at our M&S stores.

Meet Anna Constantinou

“Voici la Mode Group is distinguished for its values of respect, trust and honesty.” Anna.

Meet Natalia Hadjilambrou

Natalia has been working at Voici la Mode Group for over 20 years. She shares her enthusiasm for growth and development with hard work and dedication.